Ted Strandt

Forbindelse Til Min Oldfar
stone and steel
8.5 x 7 x 7.25 in.

This sculpture has some family history for me. Art is usually a solitary venture, between me and the materials I am working with. This sculpture provided me with the opportunity to connect with some of my ancestors: for there are three of us whose work is described as STENHUGGER in the family tree. My Great, Great Great Grandfather Johan Moeller 1770 – 1843, Great Grandfather Christen Hansen 1857 – 1946, and Ted Strandt 1958 -. This piece speaks of that. The top chisel and rock come from the ancestral farm, located in Skellerop, Denmark and they represent my ancestors. The newer chisel and rock signifies me. Hence the title: Forbindelse Til Min Oldfar.

In the creation of this piece came the enjoyment of making art, and the pride that comes with the sharing of our work with stone, and for that I feel a very special bond with these men who passed on to me more than just life.

© Ted Strandt