2024 WMG Presentations

Engaging Art Histories through Educational Kits: Early Modern Connections across Asia and Europe

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 6 PM

Rebekah Baker, WMG Gallery Assistant, will guide this Zoom presentation, highlighting the significant artistic contributions of women and the relationship between art making in Asia and the West between the late 19th and mid 20th centuries. More widely known art histories often fail to contextualize the contributions of women and non-western art making as significant to the grand narrative. Efforts over the last year have aimed to bridge these gaps and create tools for engagement of these histories in public and educational spaces.

Discover the fascinating connections between Asian and European art during the early modern period. Our online event will take you on a journey through the cultural exchange that shaped art history. Register now!

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A Conversation with: Kelsey Bogdan & Down There Artists

Woman Made Gallery is excited to present the Artist Panel for Down There, an exhibition that sought to lift back imposed veils of stigma and mystery, bringing to the forefront conversations around vulvar anatomy, vocabulary, diversity, emotionality, etc.

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Mine, Yours, Ours: Kitchen and Familial Stories Artist Panel

Woman Made Gallery invited the juror of Mine, Yours, Ours, Archena Shekara, and 7 exhibiting artists to share their experiences with diverse upbringings and food-related tales flavored with cherished memories and nostalgia.

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