Cella Neapolitan

Katrina, Meet Rosie
15 x 15 in.

When a call for art “in praise of physical labor” was issued, I remembered this photograph of a mural taken in post-Katrina New Orleans. I have always found Rosie the Riveter an inspiring icon, even more so as she wields a paintbrush.
Art requires more physical labor than commonly recognized, as does NOLA in the wake of the massive hurricane. My hope for the city’s revival is expressed in the eddy of rivets emanating from Rosie’s fist to counter the hurricane’s arms. Working with the veil fabric, I realized its resemblance to gauze and felt a healing. All this happens against the backdrop of news clippings and culminates in the hurricane’s imminent departure, as represented in the vintage blue swirl button.

© Cella Neapolitan