Julie Wendt Brundage

Vida III
transparent watercolor
12.75 x 19.75 in.

Wrenching on Lake
transparent watercolor
27.5 x 19.5 in.

Being a self-taught artist, I also have taken workshops from eight nationally known watercolorists. Most of my work is representational. I prefer to have figures as the focus of my paintings but also like to do cityscapes. My work is almost exclusively watercolor.

I have the deepest respect for individuals who hold themselves to high ethical standards and hard work. I usually paint people in their normal everyday pursuits, whether it is work of pleasure. If I do paint a cityscape, I never forget that it was built and is used by those that never receive public praise or accumulate great fortunes. They just go about their daily life with dignity and honesty, deserving our respect.

© Julie Wendt Brundage