Lisa Marie Barber

Two (single panel) (2015)
acrylic on printed fabric
66 x 41 in.

In thinking of the theme “touch”, two of my artworks came to mind. The first, “Two” is a painting of two kids holding hands, making their way together, supporting each other, through an implied, all encompassing, cityscape. The second, is an older installation of mine, “Heart Shaped World”, where a main theme in its narrative is a person (woman/self portrait) separated from the city she loves while having to build a new “solo” place for herself. Both [to me] reflect on the need and desire for connection as one makes their way through this mysterious world and life. While there is some loneliness and uncertainty projected in the works, they are still intended to have an overall positive presence of hope, and a spiritual sense that “it will be okay; this life is blessed and beautiful.”

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