Anoush Bargamian

Flash 2
graphite, oil, on canvas paper
12.5 x 9.5 in.

My Flash paintings are spontaneous works that I began in winter of 2019. When the world pandemic crisis hit, I began to increase the output of these paintings. I have always been an affectionate person and rely on the human TOUCH that we are now all missing. Missing this level of touch has created a level of anxiety within me. Painting, listening to music, and running have been a major source of relief during this time of sheltering in place, in order to stay healthy. Conceptually, the theme of this exhibit and these works, are connected with what every human being is now going through worldwide, i.e., the lack of touch. The irony is that the virus that is now connecting all of us worldwide, is the very thing that has forced us to practice social distancing. So we now must rely on other ways to “TOUCH” each other, be it emotionally, spiritually, etc.

In terms of process, creating abstract paintings is an intuitive and physical process for me. The surfaces of my paintings are thin in some areas and built up in others. The materials I have used include graphite and oil paint on canvas paper.

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