Jennifer Weigel

Acceptance Is a Journey
poetry animation with iPhone video

I find it hard to focus on the concrete right now. My life feels fuzzy like the edges of my reality are blurred. My new marriage is a wonderful diversion but bittersweet knowing that this second honeymoon will end when time renews itself. My job is between two states of connection trying to discern purpose. My art is simultaneously on hold and heart-aflutter racing towards some unseen goal.

Hours blur into days; days bleed into weeks; weeks morph into months… there are no beginnings or endings, just movement. I find myself taking pictures of clouds and sky, not as specific subjects but rather as feelings, distilled blocks of color and undulating rhythms.

My current art is an amalgamation of past, present and future: grounding, reinterpreting, and reverberating. How have I been touched, not in the present of immediate physical acknowledgment, but in the abstract? Past images resurface and past poems resonate with a sense of longing and loss, renewing themselves as emotions take new form.

We are all at once grieving and seeking enlightenment. We are raw and vulnerable. We are accomplishing great things, yet we are frozen, head under the covers. Time ebbs and flows, distinctions awash to nuances.

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