Lisa Wicka

Along the Way VI (2018)
ink, paint, digital print, and collaged paper on wood panel
16.5 x 12 x 3 in.

My practice embraces the development of the surface as a way to create a dialogue between my surroundings and myself. The series, Along the Way, focuses specifically on transitional spaces, and how one functions within them. These spaces are in-betweens, such as trains, cars, sidewalks, etc… but I also draw connections to the space that exists in our digital worlds. These temporary places can feel heavy and physical; taking up space and time, often occupied, but also awkward and lonely. This series is about existing within them, recognizing their rules and limitations, and finding yourself (even if only temporarily) in those moments. Although this work began before Covid-19, the ideas in this work have become even more relevant. New advances provide more avenues for communication but also heighten our awareness of ourselves and our need for human contact. This work uses candid photos of the fragmented figure, pattern, simplified shapes, and mark making to visualize the subtleties of nervousness, vulnerability, comfort, and loneliness. As we choose to push ourselves forward in new ways, this part of our communication becomes difficult to see, but present even more.

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