Sofia Wehrle

In Between Sounds
acrylic on canvas
22 x 28 in.

When I reflect on the meanings of “touch”, I find myself circulating back to ideas of healing. Some may be familiar with the phrase “healing touch”, which is oftentimes used to describe methods of natural energy healing. Through energy healing techniques, one can achieve greater vitality by removing blocks and reordering energy flow patterns. Though we have only begun to understand the complex system of nerves, sensors and receptors, scientists and doctors have confirmed that the effect of hands on the human body which helps reduce pain and fatigue, strengthens the immune system and lowers anxiety. It is possible we have not fully recognized the importance of touch and how the new restrictions will impact our well-being. While integrating a conceptual framework behind the Vital Matter Series, I processed ideas of the nature and behavior of matter and energy and discourse of language and communication. Between visual representations and deconstructions of scattered semantics and quantum theory, the Vital Matter Series hopes to address the powerful potential of human touch.

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© Sofia Wehrle