Dorothy Krause

6 x 6 x 1.75 in., 62 pages

As repairing things and/ or relationships seems increasingly less important in our culture, this artist book considers the meanings of “mending”.

The text is a series of one or two hand-written words or phrases which are common idioms or expressions i.e. ” a rift / a break / a tear / damaged goods / how to put it right / mend one’s ways / make amends / sort it out / patch it up / stitch it together / heal the wounds / mending.”

The book is collaged with found materials from a vintage box of buttons and sewing materials including darning needles, safety pins, hook and eye closures, interlining materials and gauze. The pages are further enhanced with scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, stencils, old photographs, and fragments of maps, invoices, tags and ledgers.

The cover is paper over boards with a woven spine binding showing 6 binding tabs visible on each page. The book is housed in a paste paper slipcase.

© Dorothy Krause