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Past Exhibition

25 Years. 25 Days. 25 Reasons.

Dec 5—Dec 31, 2016

About the Exhibition

Why do we need a feminist art gallery? Why is WMG an important space in Chicago? We are rolling out a total of 25 reasons to support WMG in its 25th year, so we can put this into words for you! Take a look at the first 5 now for a major dose of inspiration. Please check back on this list to watch it populate throughout the month! 

We will be doing a month long campaign from December 5 – 31 (25 days), to share with supporters 25 reasons to support WMG as we approach our 25th anniversary. Over the course of the month, we’ll send out a total of 5 emails, each unveiling + detailing 5 reasons to support. Our fundraising goal will be $25,000 for the month of December. 

Donate or be a Fundraiser on behalf of WMG today!



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Woman Made Gallery

2150 S. Canalport #4A-3, Chicago, IL 60608 • 312-738-0400 • Thursday–Friday: 12pm–6pm Saturday-Sunday: 12pm–4pm •  Woman Made Gallery is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.