At AAMD, museums with budgets over $15 million women hold 24% of art director museum positions (2013 survey by the AAMD-Association of Art Museum Directors).

Although 28 percent of museum staffs are from minority backgrounds, the great majority of these workers are concentrated in security, facilities, finance, and human resources jobs. Among museum curators,conservators, educators and leaders, only 4 percent are African American and 3 percent Hispanic  (2015 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Survey).

WMG promotes a feminism that is intersectional, not tailored to benefit only one generalized type of person. As evident in its exhibitions and staff, the gallery believes that both art and arts leaders should support an intersectional perspective. This ensures that an individual’s nuanced identity is taken into account when engaging in dialogue about issues, not a “one-size-fits-all” outlook.