Tali Weinberg

California Drought Portrait (1895-2014) (2015)
Data compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Center for Environmental Information on the average temperature, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, precipitation, cooling degree days, heating degree days, Palmer drought severity index, Palmer hydrological drought index, Palmer modified drought index, Palmer-Z index by year for California from 1895-2014; Jacquard-woven CA-grown organic cotton dyed with plant and insect derived dyed and mineral mordants
26.5 x 48 in.

Grounded in feminism and cerebral and embodied knowledge, I produce inter-subjective reference materials including charts, maps, blueprints, and encyclopedias. These weavings, thread drawings, prints, and artist’s books are formally minimal, yet embedded with the results of intensive material, interpersonal, and cross-disciplinary research. Some materialize data, while others document the experiences, ideas, and efforts of women activists.