Sylvia Hernandez

fabric, thread
71 x 52 in.

Sylvia Hernandez was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her love affair with art dates back to middle school, when she discovered a talent for drawing and painting. She then attended the High School of Art & Design. Today as a celebrated and self-taught master quilter, she is able to pinpoint how illustration brought her to her current fascination with fabric and sewing machines. Sylvia creates timeless, handcrafted works that address community and human right issues. She has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally as part of a number of high-profile art exhibitions including the Brooklyn All Stars Quilt Show, the Made in New York Quilt Show, Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, the Fiber Arts Fiesta Quilt Show in New Mexico, and the Journey of Hope in America: Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama which traveled as far as Japan. Sylvia is currently the President of the Quilters of Color Network of NYC and Co President of the Brooklyn Quilters Guild. She is a member of various professional associations including the Women of Color Network, Cadre Community Artist group from El Puente. She teaches at El Puente Academy of Peace and Justice, MS 50 and has worked with AgitArte, a social justice group that has led community educational and art programs in marginalized communities in Puerto Rico and locally. She works out of her home studio in Brooklyn, where she currently resides with her husband Miguel.

© Sylvia Hernandez