Marilyn Hrymak

Greed Kills
up-cycled fiber
20 x 14 in.

Marilyn Hrymak makes up-cycled creations by transforming mundane, worn items such as pre-owned clothing and notions into meaningful, eye catching art and accessories. Themes express social justice, Goddess, ecology and emotional growth. Favorite materials include reclaimed jeans, cotton scraps, zippers and lace.

The wall hangings were made by arranging bits of fabric on a batting base. Layers of tulle are added over the fabric arrangement. Free motion machine stitching secures the layers and adds emphasis and texture. Words are embroidered or written somewhere on each piece. Notions such as buttons, charms, or zipper parts are attached. The art is then lined or framed with reclaimed materials.

“Greed Kills” is a memorial to the 1246 Bangladesh garment workers, mostly female, that perished in three preventable disasters that happened in 2012-2013. Clothing labels on it represent the companies that were manufacturing in those locations or in other third world locations with major labor violations.

Marilyn is a retired FACS teacher, grandmother and political activist. She lives in Sycamore, Illinois and Free Soil, Michigan.

© Marilyn Hrymak