Susan Redeker

Come Fly With Me
mixed media
24 x 24 in.

I come from early American families with traditional skills in the art of quilt making and have a collection of their works over time. The designs seemingly conservative still produce patterns for me to adapt to contemporary paintings. My abstract paintings reflect the structure and movement of quilts though my materials and intended decorative use in contrast to a quilt’s functional use. I too use fabric and yarns with other materials including paper to create very distinct patterns to define a design and use glues rather a needle and thread to decorate my quilts on a canvas, Unlike most quilts ever made, my canvases come from materials specifically bought for the project while many old quilts reflect a second use of fabrics. In either case, the quilt maker still strives to create an attractive covering from the available materials to that artist at the time. Though the results may have different purposes, the thought process is surprisingly similar.

© Susan Redeker