Mary Ritter

Quality Time
fabric, thread
38 x 35 in.

Throughout my life, I looked across fields and pastures towards farmhouses, barns and grain elevators and thought how pretty a picture I could paint someday. Then, I traveled abroad and viewed the ancient architecture in the cities of Europe and wished I could paint them. I wish to create pieces that influence people as they view the common scenes around them, as well as surrounding the world, as they travel in reality or in their dreams.

With the digital camera available, I began to take a multitude of photographs. When I retired and began to look at quilting as a way to fill my days, I was thrilled to discover art quilting. Because I was adept at working with fabric and thread, both by hand and machine, I could envision creating my visions with fabric rather than paint.

So… here I am, putting my skills and talents together to live inside my visions. My approach begins with my own digital photograph which I adapt through the use of a variety of software applications. The altered digital photo is printed on fabric by Spoonflower, a business which specializes in printing on fabric. A second layer of texture is created using extensive thread work, collage and embellishment. I strive to show people the sights I have seen.

Those that have traveled and viewed the same scenes, will enjoy renewing their memories. Those who have not traveled can enjoy the possibility of venturing forth. Everyone can marvel at the beauty of the way the light dances across meadows, streams, and the sides of buildings, at the tactile quality that can now be both felt and seen, and at the colors that vibrate and meld all around them.

© Mary Ritter