Susan Hamburger

Brooklyn “Spode” 2 (Williamsburg Border, Brown)
ink on wc paper on foamcore

I am fascinated with consumerism, conspicuous consumption, people’s relationships to their possessions and the proliferation of home renovation and beautification as a national pastime and obsession. I am particularly interested in the role that paintings and objects play in this dynamic as expressions of status, class and taste. Using both oil on canvas and water based media on paper, I have been exploring the nature of painting and the decorative arts in relation to the domestic sphere as well as the life-cycle of decorative objects and their transformation from quotidian to collectible.

Each project I have pursued in the past three years has been focused on these themes using source materials found in places ranging from eBay to Veranda magazine to Christie’s auction catalogs.

I am currently working on a series of cut-outs based on images of collectible plates and place settings, drawn and painted in ink on watercolor paper and mounted on foam-core. The dinnerware borders are based on the designs of the English porcelain company, Spode, but as a result of a desire to incorporate a more personal element, the landscapes and architectural motifs feature locations in my neighborhood an around my studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

My objective is to explore the possibilities of painting on all fronts, integrating art historical and contemporary perspectives to create work that is both formally and conceptually engaging.

© Susan Hamburger