Rosalind Weinberg

The Traveller VI
viscosity monotype, Japanese paper with chine colle on German etching paper – 10 x 8 in.

I have been investigating the process of viscosity monotyping in my printmaking process, using water-based inks and eco-friendly printmaking processes rather than the more traditional petroleum-based inks. Using a variety of Japanese papers– in addition to the more traditional Hannemueller and German etching papers, sometimes chine-colle-ing one upon the other, a dynamic process occurs in which the image develops as I develop my ideas. The result is more abstract than my former, more traditionally-made images, but I am excited about how they are developing as I let myself experiment and let the process dictate the outcome.

Since the images can develop from just two carved woodblocks, often using painterly effects with overlaying inked plexiglass plates, the outcome is a monotype, rather than a monoprint, as a series of developed images results.