Rebecca Hamlin

Muted Conversation
charcoal on paper
16 x 26 in.

The quotation I live by is one I heard from sculptor Dave Barr upon his visit to my undergrad sculpture class: “You [the artist] are the fish that sees the water.” Meaning we are the ones who see the world for what it is, be it beautiful or tragic. We are not content to swim about our daily lives without questioning the substance on which we float, and why or by what means we are able to do so day in and day out.

I tell you, being that fish has caused me great struggle but at the same time brought me some comfort. I am satisfied knowing that my artistic view is just my awareness of the “water” and all of its powerful waves, its slippery rocks, its lurking predators and its calming currents. Out of that satisfaction comes the drive to create and share with others my vision of our world and experiences. I am no longer troubled by some of the creative impulses I have, nor sometimes am I really delighted, and I expect no less from my audience. I just want to share the water with them so they can have that satisfying awareness as well.

© Rebecca Hamlin