Rosalynn Gingerich

digital print
64 x 42 in.

During the communication process, there are limitless possibilities wherein the perception of reality may become flawed. When we speak to one another, we are participating in an unscripted act of improvisation. There are no guarantees—anything is possible and everything is potential. Mostly, we live in the moment, and generate responses based on our own set of social reflexes.

What I find to be intriguing about social reflexes is that they have the potential to generate awkwardness and highlight vulnerability. To me, the glorious awkwardness of being a person is a beautiful thing. It’s like falling up to get down. It is this fantastic bumbling that makes us accessible—both to ourselves and to the world.

As we mediate our own clunky quirkiness, we begin to understand that being a person is no longer stupid or bloated, but rather, a game to be played—which contains rules and structure. Within the structure of the game, there are bizarre, intimate pockets of vulnerability. It is those vulnerabilities and awkwardnesses that I unpack, in order to glimpse the bumbling beauty of who we really are.

“Boogie” is the celebration of being awkward.’

© Rosalynn Gingerich