Mary Jo Parker O’Hearn

View from the Dock
encaustic with ink jet print and found objects
41 x 5 x 1.5 in.

floating through time as a dream
blue air yellow sun
caress the soul within me

My representational work presents my view of the people and the world around me and my abstract work presents what I see on the other side of my eyes. Often my family has given me inspiration for the representational pieces. For these pieces I enjoy working from photographs, usually mixing recent events with events from long ago, combining them to create an interaction to which the viewer can relate or question. These pieces are usually acrylic and charcoal on canvas, sometimes incorporating collage. My installation and sculpture pieces have all related to my family.

My abstract work is evolving as I explore the process. I am trying to reach out from the surface to involve the viewer and include them in my vision. These pieces often incorporate collage and assemblage of found objects. Recently I have discovered the encaustic medium. The endless possibilities available with this medium are very exciting and I hope to reach even farther out to the viewer as I become more skilled in its use.

© Mary Jo Parker O’Hearn