Robbin O’Harrow

Follow in the Direction
30 x 22 in.

This series evolved from a scanned image of a beaded purse. The purse was an accessory to the pink satin, “Home Coming” gown. As I scanned the purse and enlarged the image it was apparent that the beads were tiny rocks. As I sketched these rocks I began to make arrangements with the shapes. These arrangements became symbolic for the dynamics in relationships, primarily adolescent relationships.

I invited young women to participate in this project. I mono-printed backgrounds of various rich pinks and each girl choose the color appropriate to her emotion. The participants arranged cut out rock like shapes onto these backgrounds to discuss their personal relationships. After tracing and then painting the arrangements onto the backgrounds I continued the printing process. The rock shapes now have become cells organizing in patterns, some giving the illusion of movement, others being stagnant.

© Robbin O’Harrow