Marianne McCarthy

Shirtwood Phenomenon; Maine 1963
digital photography
14.25 x 20 x 1 in.

“Shirtwood Phenomenon; Maine 1963” is one of a series of images which examine extraordinary occurrences and mysterious circumstances within the natural, known world. “Documented” in a decidedly tongue-in-cheek manner, the concept is actually a composite representative of any of a number of actual, notable places on earth where humans have interacted with the environment in strange, inexplicable, seemingly spontaneous and often collaborative ways.

This image mainly references a mysterious patch of land in New Jersey called Shirtwood Forest, but supposes a more universal experience. In turn, it hints at all manner of such places—the “shoe orchards” and “chewing gum trees”—which pepper our planet and continue to befuddle and mystify unsuspecting passersby.

© Marianne McCarthy