Maria Kompare

Nine Patch
mixed media mobile collage
20 x 22 in.

Collage is my chosen form of art expression. Layering surfaces one on another mirrors life: so much changes with an addition or subtraction. Sometimes what has gone before can be totally obliterated, sometimes there will always remain a remnant, a ghost, in the completed project. I don’t find this good or bad. It just IS, and that too is life.

I often add words to my pieces. This is frequently found text, but sometimes I do the calligraphy myself. The piece “Secret Writing” is done using a broad nib pen. It appeals to me because so much of what happens now is not secret: it is blogged, instanly messaged, YouTubed, sent through the air as text, and otherwise disseminated to wherever there are eyes and ears to receive it. The ability to write words that have meaning only to one’s self is an enabling exercise. It puts power in the hand of the writer, who can choose whether or not to share the “secret”.

© Maria Kompare