Lisa Bergant Koi

acrylic, metallic spray paint, charcoal on panel
24 x 24 in.

The paintings in Lisa Bergant Koi’s ongoing ‘Departure’ series depict indeterminate spaces. As a passenger traveling in a car, she draws snippets of the landscape as she passes through it. Her paintings consist of layers of accumulated lines and shapes intentionally selected from any number of these drawings. She is inclined to use marks that are not quite identifiable or seem somehow skewed, in fact, the more peculiar they are, the better. Her process is dictated not by any foreseen conclusion but by an intuitive search toward an elusive outcome.

She also gives considerable importance to the physiology of visual perception. As we move through space, our eyes dart from one thing to another to collect information; we do not experience the world first hand in still images, nor do we interpret what we see in the same way. Her paintings reflect this thinking, and in this regard, she considers her work to fall under the banner of conceptual realism.

© Lisa Bergant Koi