Jan Brandt

Bio-Lab #13 (2015-2017)
mixed textile media
96 x 54 x 30 in.

Disparate textiles such as donated clothing, pompoms, and muslin are hand stitched by artist Jan Brandt into three-dimensional hybrid assemblages. An organic, obsessive process drives this intricate work evoking growth and accumulation. The assemblages are displayed as mutating within and edging out from wooden hoop “Petri dishes”, biological experiments attempting to escape glass specimen jars, and free form encroachments on the walls of the exhibition space.

Brandt’s work represents a confluence of art and science through the process of feminist artistic tradition. Her assemblages and installations question the definitions, contradictions and classification of art and craft while suggesting the interpretation of biological concepts.

The physicality of these capsular works offers a macroscopic, larger than life expression of cellular growth, whimsical and disconcerting at the same time.

© Jan Brandt