Leandra Urrutia

Two Sides, One Border

Relating and being related to are utterly perplexing when dealing with others intimately. Yet society’s traditions, cultures, and religions support and justify finding a mate. The words ‘home’ and ‘family’ soon follow the discovery of a significant other, and too, the pressure to produce offspring (traditionally). We search, we find, and some search and find again. Unions aren’t necessarily harmonious, even when they function. There are secrets to their survival that cannot be easily explained and are only revealed to those engaged in that struggle. Something as simple as a word, glance, or embrace might allow a couple to transcend differences and that moment of renewal reinforces the original alliance

I am fascinated by what seems to be unexplainable attraction for and comfort in a being outside oneself. The union of two, the implications of that union, and what that coupling produces are the focus of my current work.

© Leandra Urrutia