Elise Vazelakis

Spirit Bound 2
fired clay w/ bolts (wall mounted)

We are all bound by certain constraints, be it past experiences, societal expectations, or internal struggles limiting self-evolution. They bind us to a variety of patterns, some of which are self-destructive. My current series conveys the search for freedom from these self-imposed confines.

These sculptures symbolize the limitations we place on others and ourselves. They are representative of our constant struggle to leave behind these encompassing restrictions. Through my art, I am trying to communicate the human race’s attempt to break free from self-limitation.

The strong materials against the soft flesh of the figure are meant to represent the weakness of the human race. We often fall victim to many internal and external forces.

The different materials I have used to bind the figure represent the different struggles of life. The chains symbolize the self-imposed thought process that limits our growth. Cable is representative of our connection to societies’ rigid lifestyle expectations. The softer materials symbolize our personal past that alienates us from the manifestation of our true character.

© Elise Vazelakis