Lea Goldman

My Second Childhood
oil on canvas
30 x 27 in.

In the painting I titled My Second Childhood, I try to convey that as a woman ages, her life is not over as the world assumes. The doll alludes to the spirit of a young vivid person who is still thriving and alive. However the eyes of the doll are closed to say, all this happens inside her, unrecognized and unacknowledged by the world.

I am a full time painter and print-maker. My work is narrative in nature with close attention to abstract elements such as composition, texture and form. My interest in multi-cultural traditions, legends and folklore evolved into a personal mythology, constantly developing, and expressed in an array of art images and materials. I earned my MA in art from Columbia University, New York City, NY, and MFA in Studio Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. My prints and paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country, have received many awards and were featured in a great number of solo shows. My works are included in numerous collections one of which is the permanent collection of the Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhart Indiana.

© Lea Goldman