Sydell Glasser

mixed media: oil paint, pastel, charcoal on gessoed paper
67 x 30 in.

‘Sarah’ is from the Perfect Models series of life sized, mixed media portraits of women. Working from carefully selected live models and photographs, the imagery of the exhibition is suggestive of the issues facing women today and celebrates their strength and life stories.

We are our stories. For better or for worse ghosts of our past define and make us who we are. Our bodies show proof of our battles through scars, winkles, and stretch marks. Despite the wear and tear our bodies grow through, society demands a level of beauty and ladylike docility from women. Though times have changed considerably, life for men and women is still different, and at times it seems a double standard for behavior sits and thick as a wall between the two sexes. The portraits of women in this exhibition is a preview of a larger, in progress body of work that pays tribute to bold and brazen women who have refused to confine themselves to societal gender constraints.

© Sydell Glasser