Kathleen Warren

cotton fabric, cotton thread, stretched canvas frame
24 x 24 in.

Dear Earth,

Thank you for the vibrant blue sky, the green trees of the forest, and the riotous colorful coral reefs. All the beauty of the natural world inspires me to create art that immerses the viewer in the color and shapes of nature. My art speaks of our connection with nature, our favorite places. Focusing on people and places we care about helps us see the good and beauty all around us. Our memories remind us of time spent in a tree filled urban park, of sun drenched days on a sandy beach, the smell of the prairie after a spring rain, the tranquility we feel watching clouds float by. My art taps into the emotion of these places where we go to rest/play and gather with loved ones. With fabric and thread, I translate our memories into the colors and shapes of nature to remind us to cherish and protect you Dear Earth, our only home.

© Kathleen Warren