Vivian Visser

Rooted Hive
linden and roots
25 x 8.5 x 4.5 in.

Dear Earth,

I have been working with the concept of our spiritual and psychological relationship with nature. For the last 28 years, attempting to help create a better relationship between ourselves and you. In our culture, we have separated ourselves from you. We have stepped away from farms and forests and into our own constructs, leaving us with an ineffable sense of loss. Reminding the viewers of our connection to the natural world on a gut level, my work serves to reconnect them to the nature of you. Our human experience is explored through natural materials which bring the viewer away from the controlled man made world and into the raw and mysterious realm of Nature where we are vulnerable and the most real. Natural forms and materials remind us of what has been lost and triggers a connection that may have been left follow.

© Vivian Visser