Jiachen Liu

The Lights In The fire-The Water In The Sea
jacquard weaving with hand dye wool, bamboo, linen yarn
63 x 43 in.

In my art practice, I capture the physical presence and relationship between sense of touch and the failure of human communication, tracing the gesture of using digital equipment such as phone, laptop, and tablet, which is the source of my image making, repeatedly reading and writing help me review the suppressed emotion. Through the medium of weaving, I trying to save the strong emotions we lost through digital communication. There are interesting connections between communication through taping or sliding, and the materials as a code and particular language that build the abstraction through weaving. Weaving is a time-based medium, and there contract between how rapid the response can be received in technology and how slow I use the hand techniques on both floor loom and jacquard loom. Also, there are multiple layers of the transformation of information and different processes after I am off the loom.

I translate the language to weaving, from row to thread, from words to colors, from pixel to movement, from sense of touch to the emotions. I am not certain of multiple processes and techniques, how much primal information I can show you, how much new information is created by different layers of gestures. During the time, roughly transfer and translation with occasional elements in the process of art making are included my own perspective and personality inside. I want to present you the story in the first person.

© Jiachen Liu