Luis Mejico

How About Now? Is This Alright?
70 x 49 in.

My work, largely, considers the trans body’s confusion and opposition toward itself. The majority of my work addresses a sort of ambivalence towards the carnal experience of my transhood, in that it is consistently at odds with what I understand my body and myself to be. This frustration is addressed through performance, video, and fiber works that are often humorous, displaying a sense of sarcasm in short, pithy bursts that aim to replicate the jarring feeling of thinking of one’s body as a semblance of truth.

How About Now? Is This Alright? and I Don’t Know Why! … I Just Am. both come out of a body of work entitled Too Embarrassing To Say Out Loud. These works, all of which are fibers-based, are text based confessions that embody my trans anxieties. Seemingly lifted from conversations, the text is defensive, revealing some sort of insecurity within the “speaker,” though it is unclear who it may be. The works make clear that the speaker is subservient to the person at the other end of the dialogue, seeking validation but never receiving it.

These quilts, specifically, are made of leather, angora, mesh, suede, spandex, and latex, and are currently on view at the Leather Archives + Museum.

© Luis Mejico