Jessica Malatia

Mementos (6/25/19)
graphite, paper, sharpie, tape, photo album sleeve, cord
11.25 x 9.25 in.

My work analyzes the relationships between nostalgia, memory, and identity. I utilize toys and collectibles as motifs to examine collecting as a form of solidifying memories and of self-expression. I make drawings and oil paintings that re-contextualize common collectors’ items, which allows me to commemorate and critique these objects.

The process of rendering collectibles serves as my own act of preservation; one that mirrors the preservative nature of collecting in the first place. Items like troll dolls embody nostalgia, so this process allows me to manipulate and examine nostalgia’s value and emotional power. By placing mass-produced objects in monumental settings, I immortalize them and draw attention to the role they play in their owner’s identity.

© Jessica Malatia