Fleming Markel

acrylic, Always, Assure, Carefree, Depends, Kotex, Poise,Tampax, Stayfree
73 x 18 x 18 in.

Our culture perpetuates many traditions and beliefs within our governing, religious and social institutions. Most of these traditions and beliefs are myths, unfounded notions. Fueled by current consumerism, language, and gender identity these myths control our daily lives by prescribing our individual view of ourselves as well as our worldview. I try to counteract the control of these myths by constructing objects that question their veracity. I employ objects primarily associated with women or women’s crafts.

I approach these myths with an appreciation for the ridiculous and in homage to the Feminist Art of the 1970’s. Actual objects, or their names usually provide the seed from which the sculptures grow. I make objects I want to see and thereby mitigating the power of the myth they perpetuate. These sculptures are absolutely autobiographical and debunk one myth at a time on a feminist life’s journey.

© Fleming Markel