Minjoo Lee

video projection on the floor

Sundial is a video installation in which the silhouette of my body moves slowly along with time. I see myself in shadow. This shadow self, insubstantial and unwavering, seamlessly blurs lightness and darkness. With a fine art major, I am always interested in what makes us suitable members in society. Despite my struggles to keep making art, I physically live in the United States, but officially am invisible because art doesn’t generate social status or legitimate income. I cannot help staying still where I am now, spending time just like a sundial. During many years living in New York, I realized that there are many invisible people here, for example, illegal immigrants who stay in marginal areas in society, living their life by an airy promise of future. Using time-lapse technique to manipulate real time, Sundial addresses my living as an invisible member of society, while reaching out to others living as a shadow like myself.

© Minjoo Lee