Erin Garber-Pearson

Lightly From A To B
steel, repurposed tightwire shoes, paint
23 x 20 x 38 in.

Walking is a practice of connecting mind and body with place, and in these works, contributes the idea of purposeful inefficiency. What does our body teach us when wearing a different pair of shoes, when walking barefoot, on unfamiliar terrain, when learning a new step, when backtracking, or under pressure not to fall? Here the simple connective act becomes an opportunity for embodiment.

Using performance, video, and sculpture, I create art that investigates how place creates and affects identity. Windows with cracking paint appear in works about Ohio, interconnected pathways are navigated by performers for work made in Michigan, the sun shines on repeat for video and neon signs in Arizona. My art practice is an ongoing process of mapping place and experience.

I utilize a range of time-based mediums including video and movement art in collaboration with objects. I am enthralled with the ways that sculpture can provide a tactile and immersive situation, while the inherent ephemeral qualities of movement harness the time-based essence of experience.

© Erin Garber-Pearson