Bronwyn Elkuss

Siri and Alexa
hand stitched embroidery, appliqué and crochet
17 x 21 in.

I earned a MFA in sculpture. At the time sculpture was dominated by men and Minimalism. The more artists became consumed with industrial or popular technology, the more obsessed I became with ancient technique. I was increasingly intrigued with hand stitching as a fine art medium. The historic, narrative and aesthetic aspects of stitching engaged me. The intricacies suited my intentions. The time intensity allowed me to brood. I believe that hand stitching is radical and revealing. My imagery is informed by a tangled web of influences, experiences and current events. The visual compositions can be quite personal. I am an urban artist and an urban gardener. Roots can be nourishing but also restrictive. Rabbits are greedy and invasive. Roots and rabbits have appeared in my recent work. I hope that my personal content strikes a universal chord.

© Bronwyn Elkuss