Mirvia Sol Eckert

The Sol Of Morocco
mixed media
36 x 36 in.

Many aspects of my life find their way into my paintings: my Puerto Rican heritage, spirituality, love of family and friends, and fascination with nature. These ideas can manifest themselves in bright, vibrantly colored compositions, or in dramatic grayscale pieces. But they are all connected by a visual style with roots in my earlier career as a graphic designer.

In all of my work, I want the viewer to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty in my subjects. There is beauty in small moments of observation, in embracing our different cultural backgrounds, in the close up details of nature, and even in moments of emotional turmoil and sorrow. Though it isn’t always easy, I choose, in my daily life, to focus on what is beautiful, and I hope that by sharing this perspective through my paintings, others may be inspired to do the same.

I use crisp lines and clearly defined shapes of color to depict forms that are mostly expressionistic. However, in some of my pieces I enjoy illustrating subjects in a more impressionistic style while bringing out qualities of the image that are more subjective or symbolic. For instance, I have works that show dramatic portraits of a person’s face wherein the whimsical swirls and flowing waves of their hair are prominently featured.

Acrylic paint is my preferred medium. I paint on stretched canvas, wooden board, ampersand board, and for my earlier works, plaster tablets with sculpted frames. I will sometimes use recycled canvas or boards if available. All pieces have painted, finished edges and makes framing optional. The size of my paintings ranges from 5 inches to 40.

© Mirvia Sol Eckert