Eileen Downes

The X-Man
wax collage
16 x 12 in.

As a self-described “layerist,” I allow my life experiences to infuse my artwork with layers of significance. My artwork, as well as my creative process embodies a perspective of interconnectedness in vision, thought, and communication. I contend that thoughts and ideas become wasted if they are not shared with others, and that is why I create – to share my life experiences, philosophies, loves, and losses with society. A substantial amount of my work explores issues important to women, including motherhood, equality, feminine mystique, and the changing standards of femininty. I am confident of my feelings regarding such issues and am resolved about communicating them effectively.

Fascinated by layered color and how light plays upon surface textures, I am drawn to utilze collage in much of my work, and my layered collages are composed of varied materials that of themselves have meaning. Consequently my finished pieces embrace a multi-faceted, layered proclamation of a concept. It is the process of creating visually pleasing or intellectually stimulating artwork that is most personally fulfilling for me as an artist; likewise it is the process of experiencing a creative life as a woman, wife, mother, and daughter that is the most fulfuilling for me in spirit.

© Eileen Downes