Betsy Dollar

digital collage/photo print

A Journey of Understanding

Louise Bourgeois implores, “Do not look for a rational treatise; life is made of experiences and emotions; the objects I have created make them tangible.” Each of my works is a personal, emotional portrait that captures a fragment of time and feeling, impressions and dreams. Each fragment offers me an opportunity for exploration and visual documentation, but the process entails risk – the risk of telling, of making the piece accurate to the experience, and of making it visual.

My work as a printmaker is a documentation of the visceral translation and transmission of energies fueled by my psychic reality. Working with original photographic images, I intertwine layers of textures and patterns from nature with images of my body in a search for harmony in a dissonant existence. As I visually document my psychic journey, it is my hope that these works not only bring clarity to me, but can offer a glimpse of recognition or understanding to others.

© Betsy Dollar