Deborah Maris Lader

Electric, Meter, Navigatory Device, You are Always Welcome at My House

The images in my prints come from dreams, memories, and the ongoing movie in my head, which is often overwhelmed with detail and minutia. In this series, I merged these 2 dimensional musings with found objects which have been excavated and freed from their former lives as utilitarian items. Rendered “unnecessary” and bound for yet another landfill, these formerly functional objects, many of which were found in some alley, now have become repurposed as art. Hopefully, the viewer can draw his or her own connections about ideas of “home” and, by extension, family, as the prints somehow humanize the coldness of an old electrical panel or meter.

I’d like to think that my obsessive need to recycle and re-use is a good thing. That it might be possible to render something that was formerly “junk” into something beautiful. I hate waste, and I love old rusty things. And wooden things. Maybe I’m just one of those people who have a hoarding disease. Welcome to my planet.

© Deborah Maris Lader