Kim Laurel

The Imperial Pony Study is focused on the image of a horse. Two years ago I came across a bronze statue of a Chinese pony. The stout beauty of this figure intrigued me and I began a study of the corpulent horse and developing robust horse silhouettes. Animals shapes are always attracting. Testing them in different compositional studies and yet retaining the formal integrity of the form/shape is informative to me.

In this series I found an opportunity to return to the presence of touch and drawing. The horse figure is based on the profile of the Asian war pony and is rendered through monoprint multiple layer printing on Dura-Lar film. This actualized the intimacy of drawing and painting while revealing the beauty of the animal form in relation to the line and tone of the image forms presented.

Within the realm of visual expression, I have found that utilizing printmaking as an extension of drawing and painting an authentic and subjective tool in expressing my voice.

© Kim Laurel