Crisanta de Guzman

I believe that art must engage the audience in the same way that literature does, by conveying a theme that has relevance to its audience and doing so in a form that most people can relate to.

A development economist by training, I am drawn to issues such as globalization, immigration, and feminism; issues that are inseparable from the times we live in.

My sculptures are made of unusual media like hair, high heels, or dollar bills, chosen for their relevance to the conceptual theme I address in that particular work. The photographs of the sculpture allow me to situate my pieces in a fictional narrative that take the place of wall text and should tell you better than I can what my work is all about.

Crisanta de Guzman was born and raised in the Philippines and received her Master’s Degree in Development Economics from Cambridge University in England. She has worked in finance in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York and started sculpting at New York’s Art Students League while working on Wall Street. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and divides her time between her art practice and raising her three young children.

© Crisanta de Guzman