Kathleen Elliot

Kathleen draws on her love of botanical life, ten years of practicing alternative spirituality, and over twenty years studying philosophy to create her art.

Through natural and imaginary botanical sculptures, Kathleen expresses her conviction that “in our western, fast-paced, technological, media-driven culture, human beings need Nature. The purpose of my art is to inspire and remind us that we can be amazed by even the simplest things in life. Allow your breath to be taken away by the beauty of a leaf, allow the intricacy of a flower to remind you of the awesome gift of life, be soothed by the shape of an acorn and the smoothness of its skin, be stunned by the delicate work of art that is a bird’s nest. My art reminds us to notice, appreciate and be grateful for the astonishing wonders that surround us.

Leaving behind a 14-year career in adult education and organizational development, Kathleen has worked with glass for 13 years. She studied at Pilchuck Glass School, and as a staunch believer in life-long education, has over 25 years of study in philosophy, linguistics, communication, alternative spiritual disciplines, and the arts, which she expresses in her sculptures. Kathleen is happily married with 5 children; resides and operates a studio in Cupertino, CA

© Kathleen Elliot