Cora Jane Glasser

encaustic & oil on Birch panel
24 x 12 in.

My art, once inspired by ancient imagery, is now fueled by what I see when I look at urban structures in various stages of construction and destruction. My work is multi-layered, exploring the creative process from concept to blueprint to concrete, as well as the strata of human creativity throughout history. As important is the creative eye that watches it all happening.

Human beings are hard-wired with a need for creative expression. As that need is starved more and more in our culture, it is so important that art capture the creative aspects of our daily lives. As an urban “cave” dweller, I experience every day the noisy, energetic and colorful images of construction sites. I take from them their color, form, movement and materiality. My work documents the tearing down and the building up, as hard evidence of the insistence of human creative energy.

© Cora Jane Glasser