Emily Gannon

Plan II
digital print
12 x 9 in.

My practice uses painting to explore an abstract space that makes reference to the feminine. Figurative and abstract, beauty and the decorative are used as a metaphor to refer to the history of painting and feminism.

The process starts with Photoshop, like the final painting, beginning with a blank ground which is gradually built up the forms are questioned along multiple surfaces. Some of these experiments may become a final painting, which use different gestures, marks and surfaces, the fundamental tools of abstract painting are used to adorn the surface so marks are structural and decorative at the same time.

An undressed, blank canvas becomes a body to dress up and accessorise, this superficial front attracts the eye to explore areas of the body. The accessories put on a theatrical display in which the surface of the painting becomes an act or performance.

© Emily Gannon