Christina Dietz

Self Preservation
2 photographs
15 x 42 in.

We are constantly reminded that women’s bodies are not their own but public property to be scrutinized, criticized, and regulated. Society grooms women to feel that we are “too much” or “not enough” so that we are compelled to buy objects and elixirs that will be the fix. I make products and processes that join this existing market where women’s bodies are required to be both consumers and objects for consumption.

In “Self Preservation”, I use my body as an ingredient in a tub of pickles and join the traditional process of lacto-fermentation. Often told that “I’m not getting any younger”, I decide to preserve a moment of youth (prescribed desirability) and join the cucumbers in their existential quest to live for ever. Ironically, society views pickles and women similarly; both exist to be consumed. (NJ)

© Christina Dietz